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Products made from BIO materials are biodegradable, compostable. During their decomposition environmentally neutral materials are produced. The result of composting is valuable biomass, which can be used in nature.

IMPORTANT! Burying is not composting!

Compostable materials need key factors to decompose. These are microbes, oxygen, moisture, time and the right temperature.

How can you determine which plastic is biodegradable?

The guarantee for biodegradability is the TÜV Austria logo and the S code together! This is an identification code, different for each company, which the company can only use on its products that satisfy the criteria.

What is the guarantee? TÜV AUSTRIA

Horváth Fólia Kft is an environmentally friendly company and produces biodegradable, compostable products. We chose this certification system to prove our credibility. A TÜV AUSTRIA környezetvédelmi termék-hitelesítési jelölései only ones of their kind to offer a customized certification label for each biodegradation environment. The EN 13432 standard specifies that packaging may be deemed to be compostable only if all the constituents and components of the packaging are compostable. During the certification procedure an assessment is made not only of the basic materials but also of the various additives and other product properties.

The OK compost logo on the packaging means:
  • The packaging meets all the requirements of the packaging directive
  • A neutral competent third party has validated the conformity and guaranteed the monitoring of the product on the market.

Az OK compost INDUSTRIAL logo guarantees that the packaging or product can be composted in an industrial composting plant. This applies to all plastics, paints, dyes and additives of the product or packaging.

OK compost HOME

Due to the smaller amount of waste, the temperature of a garden compost pile is lower and more variable than in an industrial composting environment. Therefore, composting at home is a slower process. A TÜV AUSTRIA innovatív válasza erre a kihívásra az OK compost HOME , which guarantees biodegradability by taking into account special requirements even in a garden compost pile. It is very important that a bioplastic decomposes when the proper conditions are ensured, that is, it is composted.

By using biodegradable packaging materials and selectively collecting plastic waste, everybody can show that they care about our planet and environmental awareness very important.